3 Dating Apps To Avoid

So, you’re single and tired of being the third or fifth wheel, and now you’ve realized that dating is the answer to your problems. The only thing is, you don’t have many options.

Your friends don’t have anyone worth recommending for you to date, and you’re not into the bar scene, or at least finding a date that way. A hookup, yes, but a relationship? Not really.

Your options are limited in this case, which isn’t doing you any favors. You’re not much of a pickup artist either, so meeting someone at a random place isn’t going to work either.

Well, there are dating apps and dating sites you can try. The thing is, there are a few apps that you should avoid completely if you’re looking for a quality date.

#1: Plenty of Fish.

It’s a free dating app that matches you up with people based on certain characteristics; you know, the usual stuff.

What sets this app apart from others is that it’s free. This seems like a great bonus, but overall it doesn’t do you any favors.

This is because it doesn’t provide you with high quality matches that you’d see on Match.com, for example. You can meet some nice girls on PoF, but it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find one who you’d want to go out with more than once.

But that’s if you’re looking for a relationship; if you just want a casual hookup, you’re gonna come up with an empty net. The girls on PoF are nice and all, but from what I’ve seen, they’re not very hot, let alone attractive at all.

That’s if they’re even real. There’s a surprising amount of catfish on here; reel in your hooks!

If you’re looking for a hot date, I would use a different site or app. If a one night stand is more your thing, stick to your usual stomping grounds.

# 2 : Tinder

Tinder is really an app for hookups disguised as an app to find a date. This is because it’s super shallow.

The details you give on a site like Match.com or even on OKCupid are quite detailed, but on Tinder there’s basically nothing.

All you have is a few pictures, a tagline, and that’s pretty much it. It might be to encourage communication, but people using this app don’t care too much about you.

They just want to get in your pants. Knowing what your ideal first date is couldn’t matter less, since they don’t envision you two going on a date.

If you’re searching for a date, Tinder is the place to avoid. I think you know that, though.

# 3 : Zoosk

The thing about this app is that it’s a total ripoff. Not only is it not free (which it should be, ‘cause it sucks) but you have to buy these “coins” if you want your profile to get seen.

It will get seen if you don’t buy the coins, but you’ll be way less visible if you don’t. You shouldn’t have to pay to end up in someone’s search if you meet any of their criteria.

Another thing­ if the profiles aren’t fake, these girls are pretty young. Like, “Are you even 18?” young. Yeah.

Zoosk is not an app that a grown man should ever use. I mean, just look at the name!

It sounds like a cartoon character in a show for five year olds. Definitely not a good name for a dating app.

Not only is Zoosk a joke, but it’s a complete waste of money. You’d be better off just using the money you’d spend on the app to take a real person out on a date.

None of these apps are meant for dating. Frankly, only one of these are good ways to meet people, and that’s Tinder. Yeah, Tinder.

Plenty of Fish should be called Plenty of Catfish, Tinder is meant for finding casual sex, and Zoosk is just a scam, and a huge joke.

All of these ‘dating’ apps are meant to be avoided. Unless you want a quick hookup, then download Tinder.

If you’re looking for a date with a great person, check out Match or ask a friend. Actually, instead of asking a friend, download Coffee Meets Bagel; that’ll get you a great date that you might even have seen before.

So if you’re looking for a great date, stay away from the dating apps listed above. Sorry.

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