5 Reasons Why Adults Should Stay Off Social Networks

The days of ‘The Facebook’ were great; no one’s mom or dad was on social media. A few years later, Twitter joined the scene and aunt Eustace wasn’t on there either.

It was bliss for all of us millennials and teens­ we could post what we wanted when we wanted.

Nowadays, we have to tailor our posts to make sure parents don’t see too much into it or that grandma doesn’t alert mom about a selfie we posted that had an alcoholic drink in the background.

Parents seriously don’t belong on social media. They ruin the whole “social” thing.

That being said, here are 5 reasons why you should delete social media apps that are on your parents’ phones.

#1: We can’t be ourselves with them watching from a corner. When mom wasn’t on Facebook (one of the main reasons why I deleted my account, actually) we could post about parties, share pictures, and basically talk about anything we chose.

We could be ourselves on social media when we had to restrain or censor ourselves in real life; social media was a great outlet to express ourselves.

If mom or dad is your friend on Facebook, your posts and profile as a whole will have to be G-rated and totally boring. That’s not why you joined social media.

#2: Everything they say is boring and no one cares what they think. L et’s face it; when you become a parent your life is toned down a bit, and for good reason.

If you have a kid you’re not going to be out at parties or clubs or concerts very often (if ever). Your social life is significantly altered, and almost eliminated entirely.

Parents don’t have that much to say on social media. If they have a profile or two, they barely even use it, so there’s no point in having an account.

If they have anything to say at all, it’s not too entertaining and frankly they won’t get many likes or retweets, if any.

Social media is for young people who interact with many people often, not a busy parent who is too exhausted at the end of the day to even hold their phone.

#3: None of their friends even use social media. A lot of our parents who are on social media don’t even interact with their friends; maybe they talk to an old college friend here and there, but that’s basically the extent of it.

If you’re not going to be that social on social media, leave social media.

#4: They don’t even understand most of it. My mom used to ask me all sorts questions about how to set up her profile or even when to post stuff. I don’t know, mom, just say whatever you want whenever you want; no one really cares.

They get confused a little but Facebook, but Twitter is a completely different animal, at least to them.

Character limits? What’s a tweet? What’s a retweet? Wait, what are DM’s again?

We easily understand all of this. They don’t. Parents just need to stick to what they know and leave the tech and social media up to us, people who comprehend it all.

#5: No one wants to see their selfies. Social media is chalk full of sexy selfies and snapchat sluts these days. Why? Because us young people are hot and want to show it all off.

Tired parents with bloodshot eyes aren’t the best selfie takers. We don’t want our Instagram feeds full of parents doing parent stuff; we want to see our young, attractive friends doing stuff young, attractive people do.

I’d way rather see a video of a friend jumping into a swimming hole than a mom or dad trimming the trees in the front yard.

Parents don’t really belong on social media. It’s for social, active people with plenty to share.

Leave it to us, parents, and don’t try to live vicariously through us on social media. It’s meant for all users to use to the fullest extent, not to be used by an inactive user with an egg for a profile pic.

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