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黑人建设 Named “Best Place to Work in Bay Area;” Earns “Workplace Wellness” Award

加州圣何塞., 5月20日, 2021 - 黑人建设 (Blach), an award-winning full-service commercial contractor serving the Greater Bay Area and Monterey since 1970, is honored to be recognized by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and San Francisco Business Times (SVBJ/SFBT) as one of the "Best Places to Work in the Bay Area”. 在这次大流行期间尤其重要, 布莱克获得了“工作场所健康奖”,” ranking number two among midsize companies that make health and well-being a priority. 这取决于员工的反应, which is a direct testament to its commitment to putting people first, Blach has solidified its presence on the prestigious list for the 13th year in a row.

每年, SVBJ/SFBT partners with research firm Quantum Workplace in an attempt to identify the Bay Area’s “Best Places to Work.” The initiative exclusively ranks applicants as a result of employee assessment. 原则包括信任领导, 合作的文化, personal engagement and satisfaction of individual needs are among the topics evaluated by employees in the anonymous survey.

“众所周知,去年充满了挑战, especially for a firm whose business is heavily reliant on in-person interaction,布莱克校长丹·罗杰斯说. “即便如此,我们的团队还是让我深受鼓舞. Not only have they continued to demonstrate incredible resiliency, 出现, 日复一日, 为彼此, 我们的客户和社区, they remained laser-focused on keeping our projects moving forward. I am both proud and humbled, once again, to have earned their recognition as a “Best Place to Work.”

布拉什高度重视员工福利. 在大流行开始时, the firm moved quickly to ensure team safety by implementing stringent, COVID-19-specific jobsite protocols and transitioning appropriate teams to work productively from home. 整个庇护所在原地秩序, leadership made it a priority to maintain clear and consistent communications and keep everyone connected by holding regular All-Staff Meetings and Happy Hours via Zoom.

除了大流行, Blach offers a host of opportunities aimed at employee enrichment and quality of life. These include ongoing personal and professional development, as well as generous benefits programs that range from health and wellness to paid leave to financial fitness. 一旦安全就这样做, 布拉什期待恢复所有行动, 团队建设和社交活动.


成立于1970年, 黑人建设 builds structures of enduring quality and value throughout the Greater Bay Area and Monterey. The company’s experience encompasses a broad cross section of education, 住房, 机构, 混合用途和工作场所建筑类型, 包括科技, 生命科学, 专业服务, 卫生保健, K-12和高等教育, 和公民/社区设施. 领先的创新者, Blach is dedicated to incorporating advanced construction techniques, 利用其预制, self-perform and virtual design and construction expertise where and when possible. With a solid understanding of traditional and collaborative delivery methods, Blach is dedicated to offering greater efficiencies and increased value to clients.

The firm consistently wins awards across the construction industry and general business community for its projects, 创新, 员工敬业度和社区服务. 质量和安全是其核心. 作为一个结果, Blach is continually ranked as a “Top Contractor in California” by Engineering News-Record and has received multiple “Construction Safety Excellence Awards” from the Associated General Contractors of California, 在2020年获得第一名(建筑部门-低于400,000工作小时).

Blach is headquartered in San Jose with a branch office in Monterey to service California’s Central Coast. 要了解更多,请访问blach.并在LinkedIn上与我们联系.




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