•康卡斯特(Comcast)将在全国免费开放x -有限WiFi网络, they are offering unlimited data for free and confirming their commitment to connecting low-income families. Click here to learn more.

•康卡斯特(Comcast)宣布,将把对Xfinity客户的承诺延长至6月30日 to help ensure students can finish out the school year from home and remain connected to the internet during the COVID-19 crisis. Click here to learn more.



• Facebook is announcing a $100 million grant program for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of the grants will be distributed in cash, with some ad credits for business services. 企业不需要在Facebook、Instagram或WhatsApp上申请. 他们将在未来几周内开始接受申请. 与此同时,你可以注册以获得更多的信息. Click here to learn more.

Facebook Inc. 拨出1500万美元作为现金和广告信用来支持湾区的小企业 作为1亿美元全球奖助金基金的一部分. Facebook预计将拨出一半的资金用于女性拥有的企业, minority entrepreneurs and veterans. 现在注册接收通知.

•Facebook将推出一个数字礼品卡发现平台 帮助美国各地的餐馆和企业.S.该公司周二上午宣布. Click here to learn more.



• 1Password is removing the 30-day trial limit on new 1Password Business accounts so companies can start working safely from home, with their first 6 months free. With 1Password, 团队可以在任何地方管理他们的劳动力, 并与远程工作者安全地共享登录名和其他重要资源. Click here to learn more.

8x8 Video Meetings is free to all users, and offers 80+ local dial-in numbers (11 toll-free) from 55+ countries and does not require any installation. Users can create a custom URL to host meetings of up to 50 participants without any time restrictions. Click here to learn more.

Atlassian 是否为10个用户以下的小型团队免费提供软件开发工具. 免费产品包括Jira Software、Jira Service Desk、Confluence和Jira Core. Click here to learn more.

Box 提供3个月的安全文件共享和协作平台. 该优惠是针对该公司的商业计划,包括无限存储空间, mobile access, 以及高级用户和安全报告. Click here to learn more.

Cloudflare for Teams is offering unlimited seats of Cloudflare for Teams for organizations of all sizes through September 1, 以及30分钟的免费登机服务. Click here to learn more.

Dream Rep Media - FREE COVID-19 Instant Call Popup Notification to put on website for 2 months or until business opens up as normal. This can help let your current and potential customers know the status of your business during COVID-19 and make it easier for them to connect with you or a member of your staff with our instant call technology.  See http://drmcallwidget.com/ 例如,以及更多的信息. Click here to learn more.

Google 正在扩展Hangouts Meet的功能, its video conferencing platform, 为现有客户提供服务至7月1日, 2020. 客户现在可以举办最多250人参加的大型会议, live stream to 100,000 viewers, and save recordings to Google Drive. Click here to learn more.

GoToMeeting 是否提供3个月免费的全站范围的视频会议解决方案授权, GoToMeeting, 对符合条件的组织(卫生保健提供者), educational institutions, municipalities and non-profits). Click here to learn more.

Microsoft is offering 6-months free of Microsoft Teams, a unified communication and collaboration platform. Starting on March 10th, 加入团队或安排视频通话的人数限制将被取消. Click here to learn more.

UrbanSitter 在COVID-19疫情期间提供2个月的免费家长订阅服务. Parents can find trusted childcare help to support them as they work from home during this period. Every sitter is background checked and UrbanSitter provides parents with as much information as possible to make informed decisions. Click here to learn more.

Cisco 正在为其视频会议平台Webex的现有客户扩展服务. 该优惠包括无限制使用,没有时间限制, 支持少于100人, and toll free dial-in. Click here to learn more.

Zoho 免费向所有新客户提供远程产品线,直到2020年7月1日. Zoho Remotely is a suite of cloud applications that helps teams collaborate and communicate. Click here to learn more.

Wipro Digital has assembled a collection of relevant capabilities and thought leadership that can help companies minimize business disruption while ensuring their employees’ well-being. Applicable across industries, these capabilities focus on critical aspects of business continuity to help enterprises react, 恢复并保持组织的灵活性. 他们将其划分为四个关键领域: 管理员工和劳动力经验, Leveraging Digital Technologies, Optimizing and Reimagining IT, and Increasing Organizational Resilience.



•Adobe 免费提供2个月的创意云.

Here is how to get it: http://petapixel.com/2020/03/18/adobe-is-giving-everyone-2-months-of-free-creative-cloud-heres-how-to-get-it/



• SCORE - 虽然你可能面临不确定性,但有一件事你可以确定: SCORE is here for you  比以往任何时候都更需要可信的业务指导和资源. 基于多年的经验,我们提供实用的建议和深刻的提示.

- SBA为受冠状病毒影响的加州小企业提供灾难援助- Click Here

-关于冠状病毒对企业影响的加州EDD指南 & Employees - Click Here

- SCORE冠状病毒小企业资源中心- Click Here



New COVID-19 Laws - Hoge Fenton 有一个COVID-19资源页面,提供COVID-19法律信息和资源以提供帮助, particularly Employment Law, Corporate Law, and Real Estate. Click here to visit their page. 此外,他们还定期举办关于就业法的网络研讨会, Commercial Real Estate, and Estate Planning for Executives.

New COVID-19 Laws - Hopkins & Carley’s Employment Law attorneys are providing updates in the fast-changing developments impacting employers due to COIVD-19. 点击这里查看我们最近的就业法律客户提醒.

LegalShield - 为小企业主和个人提供的免费COVID-19资源站点.
Membership starting at $24.95; SVO members receive a discounted rate - click here to email Kai Deering to learn more.



PG&E - Pacific Gas and Electric Company residential customers will receive the California Climate Credit on their bills during the April billing cycle. The credit totals $62.91 for PG&E住宅客户可同时享受天然气和电力服务. Click here to learn more.



Rise Fulfillment Network -我们的使命是在第二天将杂货和必需品送到湾区门口. Our catalog offers essential supplies, grocery and food items, soft drinks, snacks, cleaning and sanitary supplies all sourced from our Network of Bay Area vendors and suppliers helping promote the sustainability of our community. 你知道谁能从我们的服务中受益吗?  Please visit www.risebayarea.net to start your order today! Or call (408) 931-5909.



Small Business School Challenge - is offering free support to small businesses across the country and are currently seeking applications. It is a 48 hour virtual program on 5/14-16 for small businesses to receive business support from the best MBAs in the country. Teams of three MBA students with deep professional experience will provide you with hands-on consulting around the theme of ‘emerging from the crisis with confidence’. You can learn more at their website, and apply through this form.



Deductive Marketing And Recruiting -正在免除任何数字营销活动的佣金 a non-profit starts until at least June 30, 2020. For more information, email Bill at Bill@DeductiveMandR.com or Visit www.DeductiveMandR.com.



ZAG Technical Services 提供无偿的咨询服务是在帮助非营利组织吗, education, 以及医疗保健组织改进其IT系统和流程. 你可以在他们的网站上找到更多信息: http://www.zagtech.com/covid-19

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