Why Casual Hookups Aren’t That Great

Picture yourself at a bar. You’re drinking alone, enjoying a nice brew or something a little stronger, and you know you look good.

You’re enjoying the moment, giving your full attention to your drink, and for all you know you could be alone.

There’s casual conversation filling the bar, and everyone seems to be having a great time­ except for you.

It’s not that you’re not enjoying yourself, which you are, but it seems like you could use a little company, which is where this stranger comes in.

She’s a beautiful woman, and she’s decided to move down the bar to sit next to you. You look up from your drink, smile, and have the bartender get another one of what she’s having.

A conversation starts, and you notice that for once you’re not nervous or anything; in fact, you’ve never been more at ease, especially when talking to a woman like this.

The chemistry you too have is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and you really want to take her home. She’s made it clear that’s the only place she wants to go as well.

After finishing your drinks, you hail a cab and head back to your place.

The light peeks through the curtains, and waking you up. You roll over to see if she’s still there, but she’s gone.

Wondering if it was all a dream, you check to see if she left anything. Nothing, but you can still feel the warmth on her side of the bed.

You wish she had stayed. If it meant you got to see her again, you would’ve done things differently last night, but it’s too late.

See, that’s the thing with hookups; they’re just a one­time deal. Unless you have a friend with benefits type of relationship, they’re gone by the next morning.

At times that may be all you think you need; just a little company here and there to relieve stress or when you’re feeling a bit lonely.

But the thing is is that it’s soon enough those feelings will come back, and you’ll go through the same process, over and over.

What’s the point? Casual hookups aren’t that great, and they leave you empty or unfulfilled.

In the long run, casual hookups don’t make sense; they’re not a good solution to a long term problem.

You want sex, but getting it from different people isn’t a great idea, and could lead to you not being able to have sex for a while.

If you want to have sex often, but these hookups are leaving you a bit empty, you need to engage in a real relationship.

Dating someone is awesome; you get to enjoy being with each other, without it being awkward like if you had to spend time not having sex with a casual partner.

The chemistry you have with each other fuels the relationship, and the sex will be great as well. With a relationship, if you find someone you like, you get to be with them for as long as you want or are able to.

With a casual hookup, if you sleep with someone you actually feel a connection with, they will be gone before you can explore that, which won’t feel good.

It’s like if you have a cold; you can eat some fruit and drink some water, but you’re gonna need to do that a lot rather than kill off the cold quickly with some medicine.

A relationship is the solution you’ve been needing but haven’t given a try as of late.

Casual, one-­time­-only relationships aren’t a good idea to pursue over the long term. If you engage in a real relationship, you get to have a great time with someone you care about and have a connection with.

You get to have sex all the time, and don’t have to worry about catching something you’d do anything to avoid.

Casual hookups aren’t that great for a reason; they provide a short term solution to a long term problem. That doesn’t work well over time.

Find someone you have chemistry with, and get them to stay for more than one night; you won’t regret it.

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