3 Design Tips That You’ll Actually Use

Maybe you’re a seasoned design veteran, or perhaps you’re a complete newbie.  Whatever your case may be, there are some blatantly simple principles which everyone can use to design (and redesign) things for the modern age.

#1. Simplicity is your friend.

It seems like everybody someone wants to add a new feature or doodad.  From the c-suite to your developers, everyone wants to add some sort of bell or whistle that they personally find interesting (or at least find the idea interesting).  It’s well worth resisting adding features or anything extra just for the sake of adding it.  Instead, protect simplicity in your designs.  Simplicity is a competitive advantage, and you want to keep your design positioned to leverage this fact.

#2. Pick your colors wisely.

Everyone knows that colors are important, and play a big role in how users actually feel when they interact with a design, yet so many people still to this day get their color choices very wrong.  Probably the most misused color is pale or light yellow – which for someone reason people still use.  Studies have actually shown that rooms painted with these colors make babies cry, and using a pale or light yellow in your design should be avoided at all costs.

#3. Maintain consistency.

Consistency is important – not just in principle, but it adds a polished look and feel to your product.  A mismatch of styles, colors, and fonts creates an incongruent experience for users and makes the finished product look sloppy.  For example, make sure that if you use rounded corners, that the border radius is consistent across all elements.  If you use sharp corners – then don’t use rounded corners.  Apply this across your colors, fonts, materials, and design to make sure your product looks polished.

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